About Us

Our Culture

At Quest, the search is over.

Friendship, belonging, and culture are what kids need from sport. Kids crave the positive relationships and life skills that being part of a team and a great club can bring.

  • We value a club culture where friendship, support, teamwork, bonding, and fair play are more important than winning.
  • We’re putting the mate back in the team, the culture back in the club, and the friendship back in football.
  • We want to support and inspire Quest kids to be part of something bigger.
  • Where friendship and support come first. 
  • Where winning isn’t everything & where dreams come true.

Our Mission is Simple

We’re creating a football culture where kids feel inspired, supported, and proud to belong.

Our Vision

With our unique ability to bond a team from the ground up, Quest kids will see first hand what they are capable of, when they forge positive relationships on and off the field.

Quest kids will always be inspired to do their best for themselves, for their team, and ultimately for the greater good. That’s our dream

They dare to dream When kids feel supported, they begin to imagine what’s possible.