After School Programs

Why your after-school program needs quest football academy

We can add value to your after-school and OSHC programs with our Quest Football Academy soccer sessions

What’s in it for kids?

  • Kids love it because they’re playing soccer, hanging with their friends, and learning new skills they can impress their mates with.
  • They’re running about, getting rid of all of that excess energy before the end of the day

What’s in it for parents?

  • Working parents love it because it’s one less thing for them to do on the weekend, or on a weeknight.
  • They know their child is getting active and out in the fresh air while they’re at work.

  • They are reassured that their child is doing something productive and learning new skills that they really enjoy.

  • If parents are happy, then everyone’s happy!

What’s in it for the school?

  • Popular extra-curricular programs held after school create revenue for the P&C.
  • Because we use outdoor oval space, we’re also not using OSHC real estate like halls and activity rooms.
  • It makes your vacation-care more attractive to families as well, when you offer great-value extra-curricular activities like Quest FA soccer sessions.

The quest difference

  • We’re a football academy for Queensland kids who want more than just soccer skills.
  • We’re all about creating a grass-roots culture of belonging through football.

  • Where winning isn’t everything.

  • Where taking part and making friends is the goal.
  • Kids feel inspired, supported, and proud to belong.

Fully insured + blue cards

  • We are fully insured, and all of our coaches carry mandatory Blue Cards.

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