What's so great about working for Quest Football Academy?

When you work as a Quest Football Academy Head Coach, it’s not just a job.

  • You can make a real difference in a child’s life.
  • You’re paid to play, and not stuck at a desk all day.
  • You are entrusted with a high degree of autonomy and responsibility to perform your duties including coaching & business development.
  • You will have the stability of a regular schedule of work.


Just like you will make a difference to every child you coach, we want to be a positive influence on your life.

You have access to ongoing support and mentoring via our network of coaches whenever you need them.

We take fun seriously with social and personal development events.

Using our employment app, with the click of a button you can access your contracts and policies, request leave, and update your personal details. Not to mention comprehensive employee benefits that boost physical, mental, and financial wellbeing. From discounts on household goods, everyday needs, and health insurance.

As part of our commitment to the Circle Back initiative, you won’t be left wondering what happened to your application. You’ll receive confirmation of your progress.

Step 1: Apply online using our brief questionnaire.

Step 2: Selected applicants attend an interview.

(If you don’t have a Blue Card, apply now.)

Step 3: Progressed applicants complete an employment questionnaire and run a practical application session. If you don’t have a Blue Card, apply now, as you will need it when you run the practical session.

Step 4: Offer of employment to successful applicants.

Step 5: Induction

Step 6: Training

The Queensland Government has a No Card, No Start policy.

This means that you can’t work with children in Queensland unless you have a valid Queensland Blue Card.

If you progress to Step 3, where we get you to run a session, by law you have to have a Blue Card.

We recommend that you apply for your blue card after your interview. Just indicate on the Blue Card application form that you are a jobseeker.

We employ coaches across South East Queensland.

At present, we are actively recruiting for coaches to work across Brisbane, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Gold Coast, and Logan.