Goals for Girls

For primary-school girls

Does your primary schooler want to train with their mates? There’s a place for everyone to belong at Quest FA. We’ve got loads of locations for our popular after-school program.

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What To Expect


Your child will attend one 75-minute training session every week during the term.


Your child will wear their Quest FA uniform to training every week. The uniform is part of the Academy Kit.


At Quest FA, your child will learn football skills in a fun environment.


We separate the children into groups based on their age and skill.

Coaching With Fun

We’ve tailored the Quest Football Academy program to expose players to all elements of the game in progressive and related exercises that continuously improve each player’s training level. Enveloped in the spirit of mateship and team culture, players will familiarise themselves with, and enhance their skills in, the technical and tactical aspects of the game.

At Quest Football Academy, our players will become proficient in technical skills such as dribbling, close control, passing, running with the ball, tackling, ball protection, shooting, and crossing. Players will also develop an understanding of tactical aspects such as chance creation, decision making, defensive co-ordination, positioning, and possession of the ball.

We enhance every player’s sense of culture, team spirit, and bonding when they wear the Quest Football Academy Kit for training sessions and experience our unique brand of team building.


A Quest FA terms consists of weekly coaching and two match days.

There are usually 10 weeks in a term (sometimes there are 11, depending on school terms).

So most terms you would have 10 weekly training sessions, and two weekend match days to attend.

When you book, you pay for your weekly training sessions and two weekend Match Days per term.

In a typical term, this works out to 10 weekly sessions and two match days (some terms have 11 sessions, but usually it’s 10). You also don’t pay or play if a public holiday falls on your regular training day.

If you book part way through a term, you only pay for the rest of the sessions and match days left in that term.

Each session and each Match Day is $22.

Compulsory kit (uniform) is $50.

Example: You book at the start of term. Your fees are calculated as follows:

10 training sessions x $22 = $220

2 Match Days x $22 = $44

Kit = $50 (one off purchase when you register)

Our coaches are easily identifiable as they wear a blue shirt, blue shorts, and blue socks.

Wet-weather information is updated on our website https://questfa.com.au/weather-updates/

If you’ve never played with us before, just head to our FREE TRIAL page and fill in the form to let us know that you’d like a FREE trial.

We’ll let you know when & where to go for your trial session.

If you want to keep playing after your trial session, make sure you register to secure your place. Then you can pay and be ready to play!

We know that life happens, so we offer a make-up session if you miss any sessions because of illness, holidays, or wet weather.

You have four weeks to use your make-up session.

If there are no suitable sessions available, or you can’t make it for any reason, you forfeit your missed session and there’s no makeup session under any further offer.

$22 per week – for a 75-minute session

We bill you automatically at the beginning of every term.

Your enrolment is continuous, and you can cancel at any time. Just like Netflix, you’ll be able to enjoy playing for the rest of the term you have paid for.

In line with Queensland school terms, a term is usually 10 weeks.

Occasionally a term is 11 weeks.

If you join mid-term, the cost is prorated.

The Academy Kit uniform is a one-off $50 payment, delivered to you by courier.

Pay up front for the whole calendar year, by 31 March of that year, and you’ll get some great incentives for doing so, including:

Your player wears the QFA Academy Kit (shirt, shorts, socks).

You purchase the kit when you register, and we deliver it to you via courier.

Your registration continues until you cancel it.

Just like Netflix, you can cancel at anytime. If you cancel part way through a term, your child can still play at the sessions you have paid for.

If you cancel, we will stop billing you from the next invoice cycle.

We don’t hold sessions on public holidays.

Kids who go to Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) are most welcome to register for and attend our QFA sessions if it’s held at their school while they are at OSHC. Just register as normal, and let OSHC staff know your child will be attending.

OSHC staff must supervise OSHC children at all times during the session, and they are responsible for collecting and returning your child from OSHC before and after the session. (If you have signed a permission form waiving the need for OSHC staff to supervise your child at the session, OSHC staff must present that form to Quest FA staff if we request it.)

Enveloped in the spirit of mateship, fun, and team culture, players will enhance their skills in the technical and tactical aspects of the game, along with our unique brand of fun and team building.

QFA is for primary-school aged kids from Prep to Year 6. We separate the children into groups based on age and skill. As numbers build in the session, we will have a better idea of the skill and age levels. Your child may be playing with older or younger children to start out with.