HUNGERBALL is a novel, interactive sports concept aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles through enjoyable physical activity.

Fast-paced HUNGERBALL soccer, hockey, and other ball games can be played with battles of singles, doubles, and triples played in a specially-designed six-sided inflatable arena.

Ways to play Hungerball include: singles, doubles, and triples; in-and-out rotations; and last-person-standing competitions. Hungerball suits groups from 10 to 200 of all ages and abilities. It is a fast, safe set up; indoor or outdoor; and all that is needed is a 9m (or 12m for the larger Hungerball) square footprint and access to a regular power point within 25-30m of the set-up. (Single blower requires constant power.) Hungerball is 2.5 metres high.

Hungerball hire starts from $480.

Includes generator, set up, dismantle, & 2 coaches to facilitate your Hungerball games!

Let the Hungerball fun battles begin!

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