Moreton Bay College Quest Football Academy

Program for students Prep - Year 2

Does your future Matilda want to train with their mates?

At Quest FA, there’s a place for everyone to belong.

Join us and be part of a supportive community dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering friendships.

Quest FA Session Details

Join Quest Football Academy where players will become proficient in technical aspects of the game enveloped in the spirit of mateship and team culture.

Session Details:

  • Dates: July 13 – August 22
  • Time: 3:00 PM – 3:45 PM
  • Meeting Point: Outside the primary school library
  • Location: School oval


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What To Expect


Your child will attend one 45-minute training session every week after school during the term.


At Quest FA, your child will learn football skills in a fun environment.

Coaching With Fun

We’ve tailored the Quest Football Academy program to expose players to all elements of the game in progressive and related exercises that continuously improve each player’s training level. Enveloped in the spirit of mateship and team culture, players will familiarise themselves with, and enhance their skills in, the technical and tactical aspects of the game.

At Quest Football Academy, our players will become proficient in technical skills such as dribbling, close control, passing, running with the ball, tackling, ball protection, shooting, and crossing. Players will also develop an understanding of tactical aspects such as chance creation, decision making, defensive co-ordination, positioning, and possession of the ball.

We enhance every player’s sense of culture, team spirit, and bonding when they wear the Quest Football Academy Kit for training sessions and experience our unique brand of team building.


Sessions will run between July 13 and August 22.

You can cancel your sessions at any time.

Our coaches are easily identifiable as they wear a blue shirt, blue shorts, and blue socks.

Your coach will meet you at the primary library to then escort all children to the school oval.

Note if your child also attends OHSC one of their staff will collect them to return to the OSHC.  If your child  is being picked up at the Waller Centre carpark a coach will escort these children while a second coach will remain with the students to be collected by their parents.

Wet-weather information is updated on our website

There is no free trial available for this program.

If a session is cancelled (for example due to wet weather or coach illness), we’ll add a credit to your customer account. That account credit will be automatically deducted from your term’s fees next time they are due.


$18.85 per week – for a 45-minute session.

We bill you automatically on the first Sunday of each month.

Your child can wear the QFA Academy Kit (shirt, shorts, socks) or any form of comfortable clothing e.g. school uniform, active wear, casual wear.


It is fine for your child to wear closed in joggers/runners.

We don’t hold sessions on public holidays.

Enveloped in the spirit of mateship, fun, and team culture, players will enhance their skills in the technical and tactical aspects of the game, along with our unique brand of fun and team building.

QFA is primarily for kids aged 6-11. We aim to be flexible, so if your child falls outside that age range, contact us for a chat. We also offer Ginger Sport fun soccer sessions for 3-5 year olds at many of our Quest FA locations, which you can book into here.