Our Coaches


Our coaches are all carefully selected for their unique abilities to coach, mentor, and build personal bonds with the players. In addition to extensive playing and coaching experience, at Quest Football Academy, every coach cares about developing the person and not just the player. We strive to make a personal connection with each child and celebrate their success and achievements together.



Coach Chris has been playing soccer for over 30 years. His first nickname was the “racehorse” for his blistering speed on the counter attack. He has gone on to play 15 years of indoor soccer, winning 6 premierships! For the past 8 years Chris has turned his passion to coaching and has been coaching youth in this time.

“Be like Nike and ‘Just do it’”



Coach Erin began her sporting journey as a high school student in a variety of sports including soccer, cross country, water polo and kayaking. She soon specialised in marathon kayaking, and went on to represent Australia at 7 World Championships on the National Team. During this time she also completed her Bachelor of Exercise Science, a Master of Philosophy (researching talent in coaching), and a Doctor of Philsophy (researching focus of attention in endurance sports). Since having children,  she have developed a keen interest in endurance sport and regularly train for and compete in ultra marathon trail runs, rogaines, and adventure races. She have also previously worked as a gym floor supervisor, personal trainer, sport coach (kayaking), and kayak instructor for a number of different organisations.

"The strongest athlete isn't the one who finished first. That athlete is the fastest." Antonio Iturbe's book, The Librarian of Auschwitz



When he’s not living and breathing football, Coach Harry is watching coaching videos about football! Make no mistake, Harry will help any player who wants to improve their skills be the best they can be. With the energetic streak he’s known for, Harry is at his happiest when he’s coaching kids who are full of enthusiasm for life and football.

"There is no effort without error and shortcoming."​



Known for his skills on the rugby league paddock, Coach Jacko brings an energy and enthusiasm to his football coaching that brings out the best in the kids he coaches, “Seeing the spirit kids have on the field, and their love of learning new things makes me want to be the best coach I can be” says Jacko.

"You're never a loser until you quit."​

Jayden B


Coach Jayden has been playing football since he was 6 years old. He has played at national and international level across a wide variety of countries. He has also played futsal at national and international level.

"You cant score, unless you shoot."

Jayden M


Started football at the age 5 at Ridge Hills United Moved to Albany Creek Excelsior in U11 and won the SYL premiership in U12 Made Met North football U12 and won the state championships in 2016 Played NPL football with Moreton Bay United for 6 years (2017-2022) Played Caboolture FC First Team and U23s (2023)

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."



Coach Jhonny coached U11’s SAP at Holland Park Hawks, U14’s NPL at Holland Park Hawks and has assisted U23’s and 1st Team FQPL2 teams. Apart from that he also coached for Villanova College.

"Everyday in every way I am getting better." - Emily Coue



Coach Josh has a sporting pedigree that precedes him, having been selected for the Queensland all-schools Futsal team at age 15 and competing in swimming & cross country at a national level. Officially recognised as a coach by Football Australia, and a die-hard Manchester City fan, Josh wants to inspire kids to develop that passion and understanding of how great the game of football truly is.

"Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts." - Dan Gable



Coach Luka first started his soccer career with Ginger Sport when he was a little one and has played soccer since he was 6. He is currently competing at FQPL3 Senior level having previously played U23 NPL. Coach Luka is a bit of a sport nut also participating in cross country/track and field, swimming, volleyball, tennis, cricket. He has been coaching for the past 5 years in both basketball and soccer.

“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” - Michael Jordan



Coach Moe has grown up playing sport all his life in school teams and in local weekend competitions. His favourite sport and the sport he can claim the most proficiency in, is soccer. His personal playing days are over but he enjoys keeping fit and hitting fitness goals by regularly going to the gym. He also has experience in coaching. He spent multiple seasons coaching his old primary school soccer team in his early 20’s and he’s currently employed at Pocket Rocket Sports where he run sports based games for young children. 

"An honest man never has to remember what he said."



Coach Patrick has more than 40 years of experienced in coaching and playing football with various teams. He had knee injury 2 years ago but didn’t stop him doing what he loves. He completed C Diploma based on SAP model (required to undertake a videoed session to complete Diploma), a miniroos certificate, First Aid and CPR certificates and current Blue card. He Successfully captained and coached in New Zealand gaining 4 promotions in 6 years after undertaking the Oceana Coaching Course.

"You don't get a second chance to make a first impression."​



Coach Ronan will patiently listen and observe, quietly understanding each of his players and where their skill lies. He then challenges them to do their best and improve on the skills that they may not be confident to work on. “Watching kids light up when they master something they thought they couldn’t, is just so rewarding” says Ronan.

"There's something greater than the result, more lasting... a legacy."​

Sam B


Coach Sam B has played for 18 years, starting at the age of 5. He began playing locally on the Sunshine Coast for club with his high school team and the school boys team before being lucky enough to be taken over to England and Spain for some trials and games. Then, after finishing high school he flew over to America for some more trials and signed for a college team in California, USA. Then a few years later signed for a team over in Kansas, USA.

"A funny short one; "Shake and Bake." - Ricky Bobby



Coach Scott is hard working, reliable and  trustworthy because in all tasks he gives his best and work hard to complete it to a high standard. He previously leads different meetings at school.



Taku possesses a deep interest in football as well as teaching youngsters. His skills are exceptional, and when he coaches, he garners great admiration from his supporters. Taku finds inspiration in observing the exhilaration of young football players as they attain new goals and exceed their capabilities, and he is consistently impressed by their progress.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney

Tim C


It’s not unusual to find Coach Tim C kicking a ball around the park with his own kids, so it’s no surprise to learn that when Coach Tim C is coaching for Quest FA, he values every child for their unique abilities. “It’s ok to be want to be Messi, but there’s nobody better than the best version of you” says Tim.

“It’s hard to beat someone who never quits.”

Tim H


When he’s not playing AFL and doing spectacular spills on his mountain bike, Coach Tim is drumming up barrels of enthusiasm coaching the next generation of kids in the skills of football and sportsmanship. “It’s really about how much you love the game, not who’s the best on the pitch”, says Tim.

"Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement."



Coach Toby has played soccer for 15 years and is still coaching men’s teams. He also coached children at Bayside United Football Club aged between 7-11. He likes to see children happy and enjoying themselves.

“Everything happens for a reason."



Coach Virginia has always loved being outdoors playing any type of sports. She started playing soccer at school and has worked at two soccer teams as a dietitian. Not to mention she is a super fan of my team!

"Hard work always pays off."



Coach Zed has been active from a very young age and continues to play soccer competitively at the moment. He has had the pleasure of coordinating a number of clubs in different sports over the years. He’s been a soccer coach for 6 years and also has been a Teacher Assistant for 2 years.